Garden Route Gallery

Garden Route Gallery collection and unit

Garden Route Gallery is a collection of art prints inspired by the natural beauty of the Garden Route in South Africa

Garden Route Gallery – a unique collection of art


The Garden Route Gallery art collection is a unique collection of art inspired by the natural abundant beauty of the Garden Route and its surrounds

Each portrait is Framed and embossed with a Protea and the words the Garden Route

A wonderful memento for guests and tourists visiting the Garden Route.

Each 210×300 mm portrait is an art print of an original large piece painted in acrylic or oil on stretch canvas by South African artist Tracey Mae

An information sheet on the back of every painting portrait gives the detail of the original artwork and tells a story of the area, place or animal it portrays.

Framed and embossed, with an information page at the back, and protected in a plastic sheath.

The portraits are a perfect memento of a trip to The Garden Route in South Africa.

What does the Garden Route Gallery unit consist of?

There are 10 different paintings in the unit and each unit has 3 of each art print.

Order and secure your unit today and offer your clients a genuine piece and memento of The Garden Route.

Garden Route Gallery is painted by local artist Tracey Mae. The art prints are reproduced, embossed and packaged locally on The Garden Route, South Africa.

The Garden Route is a special place, it is not a city or a province, it is a 200km stretch of land along the South Western coastline of Southern Africa. The route stretches from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape through to Storms River in the Eastern Cape. The Garden Route offers the traveler and explorer vistas of seemingly never-ending pristine beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, rivers and ravines (kloofs). It supports abundant plant and wildlife, some of it unique to the area. The Big 6 can also be viewed along this stretch of coastline. The Big Six are; Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Whale. The sheer beauty of this area gave birth to its name “The Garden Route”.