Portraits of Plett

Portraits of Plett - unit and portrait

Portraits of Plett a unique collection of art prints


Portraits of Plett is a unique collection of art prints, the original paintings were all inspired by the natural abundant beauty of Plettenberg Bay and its surrounds and portray the area.

Each 210×300 mm portrait is a print of an original large art piece painted in acrylic or oil on stretch canvas by South African artist Tracey Mae

The detail of the original and information relating to the painting is found on the back of each portrait

Each portrait is framed and embossed, with an information page at the back, and protected in a plastic sheath,

These prints are a perfect memento of Plettenberg Bay for visitors and tourists both International and South African.

What does the Portraits of Plett collection comprise of?

There are 10 different paintings in the Portraits of Plett unit and each unit has 3 of each portrait in it.

Order and secure your Portraits of Plett unit today and let your clients leave with a true piece and memory of Plettenberg Bay.

Painted by a local artist, reproduced, embossed, packaged in The Garden Route, South Africa.